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ABOUT Star Citizen Hack:

Distributed by invitation only! Star Citizen Universe Cheat includes full ESP(WallHack) and AIM assist. 

Star Citizen – is a popular online space simulation. The game is currently under development by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation.

[CFF|BC] Star Citizen Cheats.
System Requirements:

• Game version: RSI Game launcher (last stable version).
• OS: Windows 10 (x64) (21H1/21H2).
• Game mode: Works only in windowed mode!
• Supported anti-cheats: Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC).
• Status: Undetected.
• Slot price: from $399 – one time.
• Subscription price: from $99 for 30 days.
Slots Used:
Status of occupied Slots 100%

Star Citizen Hack Features:

  • Enable.
  • OFF NPC.
  • Skeleton.
  • Head Circle.
  • Box.
  • Health Bar.
  • Visibility.
  • Name.
  • Distance.
  • Warning.
  • Max Distance.
  • Display and customize the loot you need. Starting from weapons, ending with stones for mining on planets.
  • Easy aiming assistant, completely legitimate and does not arouse suspicion among others.
  • Menu Key F6.
  • Panick Key numpad 0.

Star Citizen Hack FAQ:

Our product has been in operation since 2014. Most use it for RMT (Real Money Trading).

Yes, just restart your computer and all changes will be automatically deleted.

Fortunately, we have experience with anti-cheats, and the level of detection / blocking for all users is minimal.

A refund is possible if the product does not work completely on your system and the technical support of the site has verified this, for example, through teamviewer. If you refuse this procedure, then the money is non-refundable. Also, for a refund, you must contact the problem no later than 5 days from the date of purchase and activation of the key with which there were problems, otherwise the refund will be denied.

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